Monday, August 24, 2020

August progress

 Berzerkistan is finished. Quilted, bound, and washed. 


I confess that the longer I worked on this quilt, the more I lost enthusiasm for it. It got to a point where it actually hurt my eyes to look at it. But I had to soldier on and complete it, in order to get it out of my life. 

So I cleared off my big table and laid out the backing fabric, right side up, and laid the top on top of it - basically to measure if the back was wide enough. In doing so, I effectively "created" a dark denim blue border. 

Suddenly the quilt was transformed. The dark blue border somehow calmed the whole thing down. I had a huge piece of that denim, enough for the backing AND to make borders, so I went for it. 

(The only reason I split the back was I discovered a big fade line right down the middle. Enter inserted leftover blocks.)


Upshot: I have now bonded with this quilt, and seriously love it. That said, I think it may be going away. Some acquaintances of mine (good friends of good friends) lost their home in the fire currently blazing through Santa Cruz County, and I think they may be needing a quilt. I immediately pictured this quilt with them. Their home is a ranch on the north end of the county, and they live a very rustic lifestyle. I think this will be perfect. 

Of course, now I want to make another one ...

Also finished is the (still un-named) quilt inspired by Lynn Wilder's Lil' Orphan Scrappy.


Finished, that is, whenever I complete stitching the binding.  (More pictures will follow ... )

Meanwhile my blue low-contrast 16-patch guest-room-bed quilt is on hold, while I figure out the sizing, and how I'm going to get the dang thing quilted, as it will be too large to baste on my dining room table. No hurry though, it will be a long time before we have house guests.



Time to take a break and make a mini. 

I was looking in my box of pre-cuts for.. something.. and came across this little pack of 2 1/2" squares of William Morris prints. I have no idea where it came from. But I went ahead and pulled it out and went "hmmm.. " Just below was a stack of 10" squares, with this brown one on top. Another "hmmm... hmmmm... "

I liked it. 

It just so happened that laying there right next to where I was "designing" was this beautiful piece, just given to me by my friend Claire. Another "hmmm.... ! "

The perfect frame for my little "garden window" ! (and nice opportunity to show off those pretty WM squares) As you can see, this little quilt practically made itself! 😀

And perfect timing for my Montly Mini, for August. I'll link up with Wendy when she posts the mini's at the end of the month. Do check them out! 




  1. I love love love the blue border. It was fun to hear the story behind it. When it's right, it's right - no argument. Isn't it amazing how a name will come to mind while you are working on a quilt and you know exactly who is going to receive it? This reminded me of a story about the fire in Paradise California last year. We bought a new car and instead of using our old van for a trade in, we gave it to our youngest son and his wife. We were planning on giving them the CRV because it is so dependable but when my son found out we were trading in the van (and only getting $500 for it) he asked if they could have them both for their growing family. His wife gave her old car to a nephew who had just received his license. And my son drove to Paradise and gave his small truck to a friend of a friend there that had been burned out. I hope the fires can be contained soon. So many brave people are doing their best. Look forward to seeing the unnamed quilt, it looks intriguing.

  2. Oh, I do love how your little WM mini just made itself! Gorgeous! And Berzerkistan is wonderful, the blue denim border was just what was needed to frame all those fun blocks. I'm sure the recipients will love it too. And it's nearly the end of the month and no mini started this month. This may just be a month for enjoying others, while awaiting the ripening of the tomatoes...

  3. The blue really is the perfect border for your berzerkistan (ha ha) quilt. It just looks great all quilted and bound! Lovely mini! The sashing and border were in the right place at the right time, clearly.

  4. i absolutely love the scrappy and you were so right to use that border to corral all the the woman in that movie "quilts in womens' lives"'s love...just love...

  5. Wow, Sandy, you've been busy!!! That is amazingly generous of you to give Berzerkastan away! But considering the loss to your friends I can see the healing power in the gift. I love the mini! The WM fabs are so beautiful but really hard to cut up and it looks great with the border fab. :) take care!

  6. Quilty things have just been coming together for you. I like the blue border around your "B“ quilt. And funny how the fade line just made a perfect place to use up the rest of the blocks for the backing. The quilt will be a lovely welcomed gift. Then like magic your August mini came together. I love it. Hmmm. You had the touch!

  7. I just love it when everything comes together like that! Your little quilt is perfect :) Great use of that fabulous stripe. It was meant to be :) I'm in awe of your Bezerkistan quilt and so glad you fell back in love with it. I could see being hooked and wanting to make another. How about doing a SAL??

  8. First of all, I cannot believe you can let go of "Berzerkerstan"! I adore that quilt. What a good friend indeed! And, secondly I love you August mini. Such simple elegance. It seems a perfect mini for the end of summer. Thanks for another great mini!

  9. Berzerkerstan is a winner in my book! I often fall back on dark blue or black borders to bring cohesiveness to a scrappy quilt. That denim really did the trick! That is kind of you to gift it. Sounds like a perfect fit.
    Really looking forward to seeing more of your blue low-contrast quilt. I like the idea!
    So glad you didn't chop up those William Morris squares. That is a perfect way to showcase them. The border fabric is great, too!