Every year our guild holds a quilt auction 
in conjunction with our Quilt Show. 
I made the following two quilts for the 2013 quilt auction.

  I made this using leftover blocks from my Civil War Sampler.
I machine quilted it on my Bernina with a very simple pattern.

 I got on an Ohio Star kick. 
I used lots of CW reproduction prints and shirtings.
 Also machine quilted on my Bernina, same pattern as the sampler above. 
Sorry about the crappy photo.  

This was a commission for some dear friends
and now lives in Oldenburg, Germany! 

I got these Dresden Plates at our quilt guild's Bargain Garden several years ago. They're made from all kinds of “mid-century”  fabrics such as cottons, tapestry-type stuff, polyesther blends, and even a batik. Most quilters shun anything that's not 100% cotton, but I am no such purist. I thought they looked pretty cool against the denim, so I went ahead and appliqued them down. It was a long process as I only worked on it when I was visiting my mom who lived two states away. She liked them too, and always commented on how pretty they were! I thought I’d give the quilt to her, but unfortunately she passed away before she got to see the  finished quilt. It now belongs to her great-granddaughter.

I call this "My Beautiful Brown Quilt"  
It's the result of many years collecting all those browns and tans. Meant to be a throw, but grew into a Queen Size as it demanded all those borders. I hand quilted it fairly heavily, so it crinkles up nicely when its washed. One of these days I'll put my quilt stand up and get a picture of it finished and bound.

Below are some of the small quilts I made a few years ago. 
Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of most of the ones I gave away.

My very own 'Little Bird On A Twig" design.
Given to my mom-in-law

 I love the "Heart In Hand" motif

I colored in the heart with a Pentel brush - not sure now that was such a good idea?

Sorta Christmas-y

I made this for my niece a few years ago.
Brilliant design (not mine)


  1. Love your quilts! Wonderful projects. Thanks for commenting on my CW quilt page. Congrats on yours and starting a blog! Jo

  2. I love your heart-in-a-hand quilts. It is a great motif and I like how you are using it.