Tuesday, August 31, 2021

August Mini

 I sewed along with Pam Buda earlier this summer, and made my version of Abigail's Doll Quilt. 


I intended to make this in blue. 

Actually, I did make it in blue. I had just enough of this really pretty indigo pin dot to make an abbreviated version of Pam's quilt. I wish I had taken a picture.

Pam's inspiration

So what happened is, I tried to "age" mine. I dipped it in a coffee bath to give the muslin a stained look. The muslin wasn't having any of it, but the back turned a very dark brown. Not wanting that, I went ahead and re-dipped it in a diluted bleach solution, and watched in horror as it sucked the color right out of that beautiful blue. Leaving it a very lovely ... gray.

Let me say that I'm usually pretty successful when it comes to using bleach. I know how to properly use it to get all sorts of stains out of clothing, etc. and when soaked in a weak solution, I've even be able to ever-so-slightly fade the commercial color from a cotton fabric. Never in my life though, have I seen what happened here. I was, and still am, stunned. 


At least I got the brown out of the back.

I can't say I'm entirely unhappy, as it is still a nice little doll quilt, and it really is a very lovely shade of blue/gray. I even found a little cubbyhole to hang it in.


Meanwhile I finished yet another scrappy Log Cabin top:

I'm debating whether or not to fix my mistake, or leave it and call it "quirky". Thoughts? 

And a sneak peek at another project I've been working on:


That's about it for today, now go check out Wendy's blog for more Monthly Mini's!




  1. Oh yes, I'd leave that "mistake" and call it creative license. It's like a camera taking a photo back at the viewer, pretty cool! It's so unfortunate that your efforts with altering the color of your sweet mini went awry but as you mentioned the soft muted shades are very appealing too.

  2. Fix it. It would bug me forevermore. But all depends what you can live with. It will take you less a half hour!

    Dotti in CT

  3. Amazing projects!! how weird that fabric turned so grey - but I really like the result. I would leave the log cabin - I think its really cool!

  4. LOL, Sorry Dotti, I have the exact opposite response. I love the little punctuation of the flipped block! And since the blocks are played out in an off center way that block seems to me to make perfect sense. As my mother use to say "to each their own"!

    Sandy, perhaps the indigo being vintage did not have the strength to stay in the dilute bleach?! Without your explanation we would be non the wiser and think 'Oh, what a charming doll quilt!' take care!

    1. The blue was a contemporary “indigo color” fabric, not true indigo, nor vintage. That’s what makes it so surprising.

  5. Wow, I can imagine it was breathtaking to watch the indigo wash away. But it is still a charming little quilt, even if it isn't in the color you intended.
    My Mom made a Drunkards Path quilt in the Devil's Puzzle layout. When over halfway finished with the hand quilting, she realized she had a couple of the blocks facing the wrong direction. It was too late--she didn't fix it. I own that quilt now and find it totally charming. But as Dotti said, it depends on what you can live with.
    I am liking what I see of the next project!

  6. The little quilt that was a SAL with Pam Buda is so cute. It turned out a lovely shade of gray. It could have been an ugly shade and that would have been so disheartening. I usually fix mistakes like the one on your log cabin quilt because I don't want anyone to think I don't know what I am doing.

  7. I would have been shocked to see my blue quilt disappear. But the grey color has a well loved and vintage look. Wow, what a story. I would leave the block alone. It has a charm to it. ( I can say that, because I've done that myself)

  8. It's too bad about the blue but then again, that is a lovely gray. What a pretty mini. It looks good where you have in hanging and the way you photographed it on the trellis, just fabulous.

  9. Definitely leave the "mistake" I think it adds to the design.

  10. Oh my, I feel your pain with the blue, although I must say I love the soft gray color. I won't weigh in on the twisted block - that is your call. I'm packing up and prepping the house to move and hope to see you before I get going.

  11. Oh my, what a shock to watch that fabric change from Indigo to a LOVELY shade of grey. I think it looks fine and you found the perfect spot to hang your sweet mini. I always admire your Log Cabin quilts and would leave the mistake. It adds lots of charm. Can't wait to see more of your latest project :)

  12. Leave it, it looks good : )