Monday, September 30, 2019

September Monthly Mini

Just under the wire...

Made from the deconstructed old blocks I posted about here.
The puss-in-a-corner blocks are a bit wonky, as were the original 
nine-patches. I decided not to worry about that. 

Sparcely hand quilted, 

Vintage indigo border and binding,

Soft, old-looking print for the back. 
(nice and light to camouflage my huge stitches, ha ha!)

This one from the leftover four-patches. 
Not sure about the binding, which I'm already considering switching out for ... ?

 The back is a soft brushed cotton, formerly a pajama leg.

 Yep, methinks that binding has to go. Any ideas?

An idea of scale. 
The four-patches finish at just under 2"
The puss-in-a-corner blocks, 2 3/4" 
Now to link up with Wendy, at The Constant Quilter
for more Monthly Mini's !


  1. The quilts turned out so cute. I think the binding is fine. What a clever idea to use a pajama leg for soft backing.

  2. They are adorable--both of them! They definitely have that vintage look. If you insist on switching the binding, is there any pajama leg left? :)

  3. These two quilts are totally charming! Love them both.

  4. I adore these!! Funny, we both made two this month and I'll bet you were as busy as I was. I think that binding on the mini is perfect. I wouldn't change a thing! I have updated the link on my post to the finished quilts. Thanks for joining in again!

  5. Hey Sandy! Very cute mini's as usual! I agree with wendy, the binding is great, no need to change. Set it aside and look at it in a week or so if you still feel that way you can always change it. cheers!

  6. Love them both especially since the blocks were rescued. So fun that you used a PJ leg for the backing!

  7. I just love your September mini! It's so vintage and appealing! Sweet 4-patches, too! I'd leave the binding as is on the little mini :)

  8. Love them both. If I were to change the border I would choose red.