Monday, March 17, 2014

Playing again... and another Doll Quilt

It was one of those nights... not tired, couldn't make myself go to bed... started playing in the sewing room.

I remembered a bunch of waste triangles I had left over from some star blocks I'd recently made.  I took a handful of them and laid them out, totally random but with a directional flow. I liked it, so started sewing them together. They were not uniform, so when it came to sewing the rows together the seams did not match. 

I thought that the mismatched seams and the dull colors made it look kind of old and primitive.  I added some borders, then freehand quilted it with tan thread. The quilting literally disappeared! If you look really really close, you might see a few of the stitches.

Meanwhile, I made a little tutorial on how to install a butted binding on a doll quilt, which you will find here.



  1. Cute doll quilt! I like mismatched triangles.

  2. It is very sweet. Wonderful use of little bits of fabric.

  3. It does look primitive. Very charming.:)

  4. This little doll quilt just makes me smile... love the prim look and mismatched seams... makes it all the more charming!

  5. I love it! Thanks for giving me the heads up so I could see it. Don't you just love doll quilts? have a great day!