Monday, March 17, 2014

Butted Binding on a Doll Quilt

On a small quilt, I want the binding to be a thinner than what I'd put on a full size quilt, so I measure it differently, and fold it differently.

I cut my strips 1 1/2" wide for a 1/2" finished binding.

Cut two strips the length of the quilt. Stitch one strip onto each side of the quilt, 5/16" from the edge.  I like to machine stitch my binding onto the back, then fold it over to the front and hand stitch.

Next turn the quilt over, fold binding to edge of the quilt and finger press.

Fold over edge of quilt and pin, then hand stitch down.

Trim ends flush with quilt. The ends are raw, but will be covered by the top and bottom bindings.

Sorry about the glare.

Now measure the strips for the top and bottom, about 2" longer than the width of the quilt. Fold the ends in and press. You can adjust these later.

Follow steps as you did for the sides...

Fold, turn to front and pin, adjusting the butt end if necessary. Hand stitch down, and you're done!

ps  Mine's a little "primative" ... you are welcome to make yours perfect.


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