Saturday, June 1, 2019

May Monthly Mini

(This was supposed to post last night, when it was actually still May)

Some of you might know that Wendy over at The Constant Quilter hosts a Monthly Mini sew-along. After following along casually for the past (I think) year or so, and enjoying everyone's little quilts, I thought I might go ahead and join in.
This is what came up with for May, and am posting it just a hair under the deadline! 

I made the Hovering Hawk blocks in January, using leftover corners from some small basket blocks I'd made (which never went anywhere, btw) but didn't assemble the Hawks into a top until much later. I then hand quilted the interior, then it sat around for weeks (months?) waiting for me to quilt the borders. I eventually ended up continuing the quilting lines into the borders with the machine "hand quilt" stitch, and finally put the binding on last week. I think (hope) it qualifies as a May "finish" at any rate. Wendy said there were no rules, so I'm no doubt taking a few liberties here.

Here's the back, but as of yet, no label. I thought I'd sneak in under the wire and call it my "May Monthly  Mini" and make a label tomorrow. Ha ha...  meanwhile, I'm getting lots of ideas for more mini quilts, for future months. This is going to be fun!                                                                      Thanks to Wendy, for letting me join in!


  1. What a sweet mini. I didn't get mine finished. I hope to share mine next month. Hugs

  2. Looks very cute! I like the hovering Hawks block. We have a number of Hawks who patrol our neighborhood. Maybe I should make a quilt in their honor using that block. After all they keep the rodents at bay! I liked your post on the indigo fabrics too.The mini and Stars were both wonderful (for some reason the computer would not let me leave a comment on that post so I'm leaving it here). I'm glad to dee you are having so much fun with the indigos!!! It's nice to know some BG purchases really connect!! cheers!

  3. Woohoo! What a super mini quilt! Two in one month is a big accomplishment! I adore this one and yes, there are NO rules in this game! I will link this one in right now. Thanks for playing along!

  4. It's totally lovely! Sweet backing too.

  5. What a great 1st monthly mini! Love those blocks and border fabric!

  6. such a charming little Quilt!