Thursday, September 13, 2018

Switching Gears

I needed to take a break from my Quirky Blocks (see previous two posts). My sewing room was a disaster! Scraps everywhere.  I needed to clean it up, and give myself some breathing room. Also needed to focus on something a little more structured for a minute.

give-away quilt

I recently gave away two more quilts, one to my friend's husband who has cancer, and one to her as well, as she needed a quilt as much as he did. They've been going through a clinical trial, and have to travel across country every two weeks for the treatment. Its been a really rough time for the two of them.

Which left me with only one give-away quilt on my stack, and I really like to have a few of these quilts on hand, because you never know when someone is going to need one.

I (shamelessly) stole the idea for the above quilt from a Quilt of Valor posted on Alycia's blog. I really like the soft colors, and the birds-in-the-air pattern, which is perfect for 2 1/2" strips. All that's left to do is the binding.

I also finished up this little Americana mini I started out of leftover blocks and scraps. I think it looks a little chopped off, but I still like it OK.

Meanwhile, I've been itching to make something from Sheryl Johnson's book Quirky Little Quilts.

First up:  the quilt on the cover! Out came the scraps again to make some blocks.

Since I've been on such a bent to use up scraps, I'm limiting myself to actual scraps for these blocks. Most of my scraps are pretty small, very few more than 5 or so inches. So pretty challenging to keep from diving into my stash for the right color. Upshot, my sewing room is a scrappy mess again.

Sigh ... :-)



  1. Having a clean sewing space always makes me want to start something new. I'm glad you found another scrappy project to work on. It's a sweet little quilt.

  2. I love those quirky blocks from the last two posts and all the projects you posted today! Really nice! How big are those scrappy blocks, like 4"?! Those mini's are fun!

  3. love your fabrics! and the quilt tops aren't bad either.

  4. Catching up on blog reading and I really enjoy visiting yours. Love the give-away quilt you are working on... so generous of you, too. The Americana quilt is a beauty. I love mini's!

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