Tuesday, July 24, 2018

These are addicting!

These are addicting!

Way too fun to make, as the possibilities are endless. 

Depending on my mood, I guess... some are somewhat neat and planned,

while others are sort of all over the place.

Some have the tiniest little bits,

 others use leftover units from other projects.

In the past couple weeks I've managed to rack up 72 of these blocks, which is the good news. The bad news is, it doesn't seem like I've made a dent in my scraps!

Meanwhile, yesterday I decided to take a break and make something else - another little Americana mini.

The pieces for the stars were already cut, leftover from a Vet quilt I made several years ago. Rather than incorporate them into the Quirky Quilt, I thought I'd play around with giving them their own space. Layered as you can see, machine quilted in-the-ditch. Will probably hand quilt the stars and borders.


  1. I am loving these blocks! SO scrappy! And yes I understand how you think you have made a big dent in the pile yet those scraps just keep coming! Love the little mini quilt too!

  2. Your scrappy blocks are great - love the variety. Ya that happened here - scraps multiply!

  3. Your quirky blocks are so much fun--love them! It's funny how it feels like a lot of sewing has been done but the stash doesn't shrink--lol!

  4. Absolutely LOVE your blocks, in fact love the whole concept! Have been making log cabin blocks (3 different quilts in progress.....the third is the result of making a mistake and needing to start over!)because I love them, BUT I love your ideas! And Wendy Reed's (Constant Quilter) little toile idea falls right in line with these! Can't wait till my 3 days off next week!

    1. Thank you Cyndi, I was beginning to think I'd lost my mind!

  5. I just LOVE your quirky blocks! What fun! And your star mini is the sweetest :)

  6. Sweet quirky blocks, it must be so much fun to make them! The star mini is lovely, a perfect wall hanging.


  7. I can't believe how interesting your creations are from leftover pieces. Of course, your gorgeous fabrics sure do help!

  8. What a treat to view you scrappy blocks! Nothing is more fun than raiding the fabric leftovers for just the right piece to complete a block.
    I enjoyed reading your old posts... such goodies!

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