Monday, August 22, 2016

Inspiration from Betsy C

Lately I've been on the lookout for interesting quilt ideas that I may use for my "comfort quilts" (as I've been calling them, for lack of a better name). Not too complicated, fun to make, easy to love. I found such a pattern in Betsy Chutchian's recent book:

The book features eight quilts and gives directions for each in three different sizes: bed, lap, and mini. FYI for those of you small quilt lovers, the minis are incredible!

This is the one I chose to make:

The first thing I thought of when I saw this quilt was "I could make that" by which I mean, I could make it 100% out of my stash. Not only that, but I could utilize some underused colors, such as pinks and yellow/golds.  I like that its all 19th century repros, but colorful and modern at the same time.

The second thing I thought of was, I already have the perfect backing fabric:

This has been languishing in my stash for years, waiting for "just the right quilt" .. heheh... do you know what I mean? Not a repro, but who cares?

Making this quilt was so easy and so fun! I used the above as my focus fabric, and pulled about twenty fabrics for the rectangles (I hesitate to call them blocks).

Here it is with the body sewn together, before trimming and adding the borders. It did tend to lean toward wonky-ness a bit, due to the edges all being on the bias, but don't worry, it all resolved in the end :-) 

Here it is, construction completed, quilted and bound, and fresh out of the dryer:

I machine quilted it mostly in the ditch, with a 4" grid. I think this particular quilt lends itself better to an all-over stipple, but I'm not brave enough to try that on my home machine. The quilt measures 50x57, a nice size throw, and cheery without looking too juvenile.

This will go to someone in need of comfort. Not sure who yet. Maybe no one I know will get sick for a while. That would be a good thing! But if not to someone I know personally, then it might go to Quilters for Hospice or to the VA.

That's it for the moment!



  1. hey Sandy, great Comfort Quilt! I love that pattern, I used a similar one awhile back in purples and greens and it was fun to make. After seeing yours in repros I think I might try it in that genre too. And the backing fabric is fabulous I love those old botanicals with their crazy fantastis flowers! thanks for the inspiration! cheers!

  2. What a great pattern to use up some stash! The backing fabric is perfect too. I'm sure whoever the lucky recipient is, it will be loved!

  3. Sandy, you pulled another rabbit out of your (stash) hat! Love it and love that I just discovered your blog.

  4. I love this quilt and your backing fabric was perfect for color inspiration! Great job - I might try this on someday too!

  5. I love the backing and its perfect for the top. Especially like that it all came from your stash!

  6. I think your choice was perfect, and beautiful. I may follow you, and use up my stash as soon as I finish the Hawaiian extra=king size for my oldest son (46)whom just married a year and a half ago (and yes I've been working on it for two years) almost finished. Then I get to use all my extra fabric and let me tell you I have a ton. So when I finish with mine, I'll post a picture of it for you to see. How exciting.