Friday, May 20, 2016

Comfort Quilts

Lately I've been busy making what I call "comfort quilts".

A while ago, I made a couple lap-size quilts which ended up going to two very ill neighbors of mine. It was lucky I had them on hand, as they were originally intended to go to the wounded soldiers up at the VA. I decided then, and from now on, I wanted to have a few tops on hand at all times, just for when the occasion arises that someone might need a  quilt.

The idea is to have the tops done and backing ready, so all I have to do is machine quilt them etc. and they're ready to go. The sizes vary. The VA requests lap size (36x48) for the patients in wheelchairs.  For others, I like to make them larger, but no set dimensions.

I had just finished this top when my client/friend Melinda came down with breast cancer. I managed to get it finished and delivered it to her during the worst part of her chemo. I figured out the pattern from a Pinterest pin, and copied the color scheme as well. Sometimes its just the easiest thing to do.

Part of my motive is to try to whittle down my stacks of fabrics. I always seem to have an over abundance of browns, so I played around and came up with this design, influenced by some antique quilts I've been studying recently. I think it might be more appropriate for a man?  Part of me is tempted to add another border or two and make it into a large throw. 

This one is from the book The Blue and The Gray. This is a very easy pattern, yet very striking.  I increased the size of the blocks a bit, but used fewer of them.  This one also could go to a man.

Yesterday I found out my chiropractor has breast cancer. I can't believe how many women I know are coming down with this awful disease! Anyway, this top is next on my list to layer, quilt and bind, then it will be going to her.

I was on a roll, so I went ahead and made the one below for the VA hospital. I rarely make anything with a "patriotic" theme, but I had just the right amount of the right shades of blue and red for this, and got to use up some white-on-white that had been hanging around way too long.

If you look close you may recognize the blue fabric. Its what I bought from Temecula Quilt Co. for the setting blocks of last year's Summer Sampler, which I never made. Yes I bought the block tool and everything, but never made one block.  Well I'm glad I found a good use for the blue, anyway.

I'm sure there will be more of these to come, but that's about it for now. Oh one more comfort quilt:  look at my last post to see my Sister's Choice quilt. I decided to give it to my client Louise, who is in advanced stages of Parkinson's disease. She is the sweetest person, and I'm so happy to have a quilt to give her.

I do have other projects in the works, but nothing else to show quite yet.



  1. You are so generous Sandy! Thanks for all you do to bring comfort to those who need it!

  2. Beautiful quilts...what a blessing to so many!! Very inspiring!

  3. Hi Sandy! There all great quilts and I'm impressed with your generosity and commitment to make comfort quilts! It always makes me feel good when I'm working on a comfort quilt, cheers, cw