Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Two Finishes

This is my final version of Cheri Payne's Every Day Patchwork, a sew-a-long from last summer.

Yep, more of the "A" word, rudimentary as it is. I think it needed it, and I didn't suffer too badly for it.

I didn't want heavy quilting on this one, so just did in-the-ditch between the blocks, then went across the blocks with the  "hand quilting" stitch on my Janome. I think it came out really nice.. more effective than my own hand quilting, way faster and easier.


I also finished my Sister's Choice, which is a free pattern from Bonnie Hunter.

I'd like to have had it quilted with an all-over meander, but am not skilled enough to do that myself on my machine, and too cheap to hire it out.  I ended up quilting wavy lines on the diagonal, which gives a similar effect, and is much easier to execute.

I don't know about you but I believe the binding can make or break a quilt. I was fortunate to find just enough of this stripe in my stash, and think it frames it nicely and adds a touch of pizzazz.

Happy New Year, everyone!