Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weekend Fun

I squeezed in a few hours of sewing time over the weekend, during which I managed to crank out lovingly create a few more of Cheri's Every Day Patchwork blocks. I'm still way behind, I think she's up to Block 18 or 19 by now. So I'm just about halfway caught up, and gaining... for the moment!

These are really fun! Totally self indulgent, I have to admit, as I have "a few" other things that really should take precedence, if you know what I mean. But these are like candy, or as they say, like potato chips as you can't stop at one.

Now here's where that bucket of scraps comes in handy. Especially when I discovered I happened to have a bag of ready-made 2" Triangle Squares, perfect to pick through for Block 10.

I also happen to have a basket of assorted leftover units in a variety of sizes, from which I pulled the larger Triangle Squares for this block, which was made entirely of scraps!

Too bad its a work day today, I'm itching to have a go at Block 11, which looks like it could be challenging.

Meanwhile, Gayle over at The Middle Sister has posted her blocks, as has Julie at JulieKQuilts. Give them a look.

Anyone else out there doing these?



  1. I've been collecting the patterns, but have yet to start on the blocks. Your's are very cute and tempting!!

  2. Hey Sandy, the blocks look great, it's important to have stuff to go to and have fun. You can't always sew on what you 'should be' doing!! cheers, cw