Monday, May 4, 2015

New Look

Fun messing around with this!

I like the old wood background, but it does make some of the text a little harder to read. The big challenge was getting the links, etc. to line up with the fence boards. All in all, not so bad, I guess!

My little doll quilt looks a bit crooked up there....


  1. The text is all readable but I think you are right, the doll quilt is a little tilted. there is a feature in iPhoto where you can play with the tilt of a photo I don't know about other computers? cheers, cw

  2. It's fun to do some redecorating--yours looks good! I always think about changing up my blog, but I'm afraid I'd probably push the wrong button and erase everything.

  3. Sweet! Like a little quilt in a cabin.

  4. I'm impressed - I wouldn't know how to begin to move things around like you've done - it looks great!