Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weekend Fun

I squeezed in a few hours of sewing time over the weekend, during which I managed to crank out lovingly create a few more of Cheri's Every Day Patchwork blocks. I'm still way behind, I think she's up to Block 18 or 19 by now. So I'm just about halfway caught up, and gaining... for the moment!

These are really fun! Totally self indulgent, I have to admit, as I have "a few" other things that really should take precedence, if you know what I mean. But these are like candy, or as they say, like potato chips as you can't stop at one.

Now here's where that bucket of scraps comes in handy. Especially when I discovered I happened to have a bag of ready-made 2" Triangle Squares, perfect to pick through for Block 10.

I also happen to have a basket of assorted leftover units in a variety of sizes, from which I pulled the larger Triangle Squares for this block, which was made entirely of scraps!

Too bad its a work day today, I'm itching to have a go at Block 11, which looks like it could be challenging.

Meanwhile, Gayle over at The Middle Sister has posted her blocks, as has Julie at JulieKQuilts. Give them a look.

Anyone else out there doing these?


Monday, May 11, 2015

What to do with an Empty Design Wall

Start something new, of course.

The following quilt is being motivated by housecleaning. See, I've had these pre-cuts sitting around for way too long taking up space, and I really needed to something with them, or otherwise get rid of them. I started by looking up things to do with a jelly roll and decided on the Sister's Choice pattern by Bonnie Hunter. These are what I've made so far:

The fabrics come from Collection for a Cause by Marcus. I started with the jelly roll, but I did have to pull from my stash for more lights and more variety. I managed to kit up enough more to make thirty blocks, which will make a decent size quilt. I also have a layer cake of the same line, which hopefully I can use up in a scrappy border when the time comes. All waiting to be worked on when I go to Dillon Beach next month, for my annual week-long quilt retreat with friends!  I do see that those "light light" ones may have to get tea dyed, or maybe reconstructed with different background fabrics...

Meanwhile I've been absolutely itching to start one of the current sew-alongs that are going on. Barbara Brackman's Stars in a Time Warp sounded pretty cool, so I went ahead and got started with block one:

and pulled fabric for several others:

I thought I'd make them 4" instead of 6, the point being a smaller quilt.

But I already got sidetracked by Quilts By Cheri's "Every Day Patchwork"  which has been calling my name - loudly - and I couldn't wait to get started making some blocks! Yesterday I made three...

...and as soon as I'm finished with this post, I'm going to go back in and make some more.

Now, God help me whenever Sheryl over at Temecula Quilt Co. gets her Summer Sampler sew-a-long started, because I'm completely seduced by the antique quilt she is reproducing and already ordered the kit.

What, am I crazy?? What is it with samplers, anyway? I just can't seem to get enough!

On that note, my sewing room is calling me....


Monday, May 4, 2015

New Look

Fun messing around with this!

I like the old wood background, but it does make some of the text a little harder to read. The big challenge was getting the links, etc. to line up with the fence boards. All in all, not so bad, I guess!

My little doll quilt looks a bit crooked up there....