Sunday, April 5, 2015


What to do with a recently acquired handful of odd shaped scraps of Vintage Indigo?

I have enough here for at least one doll quilt.

First to cut some workable pieces.
I can get one 2  1/2 x 5" piece from each scrap,

to give me two 2 1/2" squares

cut into triangles, and did the same with some Vintage Shirtings of the same odd shape.

A little arranging resulted in a sweet little top. 

I wanted to make this look like an actual "old" doll quilt, possibly made by a child.  Some of the shirtings were stained and I decided that added to the look. Tying rather than quilting seemed right. I used embroidery thread, then roughed up the ends. Also didn't want nice crisp corners, so rounded them a little.

The hardest part was finding something for the binding that looked old. This is as close as I could come...

...which I cut at a weird angle so it wouldn't have a predictable repeat.

 First audition, on the wall of my sewing room

but I think its going to live here.

I don't think I quite nailed the "authentically old" look, but I'm happy with it none the less.

Check out everyone's Slow Stitching today, on Kathy's blog.

Happy Easter, everyone!



  1. I think you hit the nail right on the head with your little quilt. I love that it looks right out of the past. I like it hanging on the cabinet too. Looks right at home there. Great job.

  2. Very sweet! In the newest Country Threads book they scorched a quilt to make it look old--very scary!

  3. Love those Indigos and your doll quilt is a perfect application! I don't think I would scorch it tho'. Maybe crumple it and was it a few times?! cheers!

  4. Very sweet little mini! Perfect use for your scraps.:)

  5. I too think you hit it. Love it!

  6. A darling reproduction! Looks great where you hung it too.