Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Restarting the Engines

What happened to winter?? I usually do most of my sewing during the winter months, but we didn't get any winter at all in California this year.  That's my excuse anyway, for being stalled for so long.

Meantime, I have a quilt retreat coming up soon, and as usual it seems like I spend more time prepping fabric ahead of time than sewing at the retreat itself. So I had to get in gear. Following are  a few of the projects I have lined up:

I'm in love with the Ohio Star, and have had in mind to make another Ohio Star quilt ever since I sold the last one. So far I'm thinking I might like the dusty green as my neutral.

I had several stars already kitted up in baggies, then in the last few days cut a bunch more, to equal around 25 blocks so far. I'll probably wait until I get these sewn up and start playing with them before I cut any more.

I've also had a new project in mine for quite awhile, ever since I acquired a huge bunch of mens ties (some silk, some whatever) a few years ago.

These have all been gently washed and deconstructed, with the exception of the hemmed ends which I'm afraid to take apart in case I figure out a use for them as-is, some day.

The plan is to start by cutting strips from the mid sections, then sew them down to a foundation.  Above is my prototype, 7"x7". My idea is to place them on point with black sashing. Its going to be a wall hanging, for above my fireplace, as I need something new in the rotation for that spot.

The last project - if I get to it - will no doubt make me crazy.

I'd like to make some sense of all my scraps! In the basket above are smallish strips. In the bin below the basket are boxes and bags of what you people call crumbs. Some rectangle, some triangle. Anything that's an odd shape gets thrown out. Sorry. I can't deal with it. My mind will only function within parameters of order and symmetry. I can't just grab and sew like many of you seem to be able to, I just end  up with a holy mess. So I'm thinking the only way I'll ever do anything with these is to organize them all into sizes, then try to sew them into something relatively orderly. I may not succeed, and I may go bonkers trying. They may end up in the trash. Or.. you may see a big scrap giveaway on my blog in the near future! Don't say I didn't warn you!

Meanwhile, here's the latest configuration of my Farmers Wife blocks:

I know I'll have to bring some of that blue, and the brown, out to the edge eventually, IF I stick to this arrangement. Have to say tho, I'm liking the zig-zag.


ps my apologies to those of you who live in locals that have suffered - and are still suffering - a harsh winter. You may look at us West Coasters with envy, but the downside is we are in the midst of a severe drought that doesn't look like it will end any time soon. So... be thankful of your water, at least. And we'll be thankful of our mild weather ~

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  1. You must be so organized! Kitting up the Ohio Stars is a great idea and I'm sure it will help you accomplish a lot at your retreat. A scrap giveaway? My scraps are multiplying but sign me up. Playing with another quilter's scraps is so much more fun that stitching with mine!