Monday, February 2, 2015


I decided to quit torturing myself with the perle cotton, and go back to what I really wanted on this quilt, which is gentle arcs. Just plain old hand quilting with my favorite YLI hand quilting thread.

What I like about this motif is its an easy all-over pattern that doesn't clash with the design of the blocks.

You can go over virtually any block design without detracting from the design itself, ideal for a sampler such as this. To my eye, the arc adds a gentle symmetry, and softness of the curve balances the geometry of the piecing.

Its slow work, but its not a huge quilt, and its pretty mindless ... meditative, really ...  so enjoyable and relaxing.



  1. Your stitching looks wonderful! The fans are such a good choice.:)

  2. Hi Sandy, Yup, I agree the gentle curve pattern is a really good choice for all over quilting. I love the colors in that quilt! It's going to be a real stunner!

  3. Could not agree more - fans are a perfect choice for this type of quilt, which I love btw! I find perle cotton difficult to hand quilt with, too, as it has no "give". I've also had issues with it's durability, probably because it doesn't sink down into the fabric like quilting thread does. Love YLI, too!

  4. Lovely fans. Great choice for this quilt. Also a good reminder that quilting doesn't have to be extremely heavy.

  5. I think you made the right decision to hand quilt the arcs - beautiful!

  6. Perfect choices for a gorgeous quilt. Wow, love it!
    The pleasure is in the process :0)

  7. The quilt pattern you have chosen works well with your sampler quilt. I always enjoy seeing hand quilting. I really think it adds something special to a finished quilt.