Sunday, January 18, 2015

Vintage Gifts

My mom-in-law acquired a bag of vintage blocks recently, and not having any exciting plans for them herself,  she passed them along to me. Lucky me!

I gleaned these

and these
as the most interesting of the bunch.

The rest are mostly 16-patch blocks, looks like the mid-century era, which I love.

I haven't counted, but there must be 100 or more of them.

Very intriguing. Some of the blocks are discolored and/or a bit wonky, and the sizes vary. I'm letting them air out as I mull over what I might do with all or any of them. Any ideas? They're also leaning slightly toward brittle, so I may throw a few of the 16-patch blocks into the wash first and see what happens. If they hold up, I'd consider picking out my favorites and maybe sashing them black (?) for a usable quilt.

Then at the guild meeting the other night, a friend gave me a bag of repro fabrics she culled out of her own stash, and hidden in the stack were these

which look to me like vintage indigo.  Lucky me, again!  I'm thinking doll quilt. What do you think?


update: I washed four of the 16-patch blocks, washer and dryer, they came out soft and in good shape. I'm actually considering taking some of the blocks apart and using the fabrics for wall hangings and/or doll quilts. 


  1. I really like the vintage indigo pieces! A doll quilt sounds like a good way to use them.

  2. Oh yes, a little quilt for sure! How fun to go through a bag like that.

  3. wow, great score! I especially like the mid century blocks! I would hand wash some as a test 'cause they will surely frey?! have fun! cheers.

  4. Great fun! These look wonderful. And I agree with the hand washing idea. Machines are terribly hard on un-sandwiched blocks.:)

  5. Lucky you, what a great haul. The indigo bits would be lovely in a little quilt.