Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Holiday Vignettes

 "Three Wise Men" gifts from Mom-in-law

 Elf from my mom & dad's xmas stuff

 hubby and I made about two doz of these salt & flour ornaments the first year we were married (going on 30 yrs ago!)

 Before I discovered quilting, I did counted cross stitch. 
Made for my parents, several decades ago.

 Santa, another gift from Mom-in-law. She has the best taste.
Snow globe, gift from a friend.

 Snowflakes made by my friend Pam.
Mom's teacups, and various ephemera in cabinet.

 I have pix from my childhood with this guy in them.

 Red/white mini made by Mom-in-law

Happy Holidays, everyone!!


Monday, December 1, 2014

Farmers Wife on the Wall

My Farmers Wife quilt has been marinating for several months and I've been anxious to get back to it lately, so I hauled out the blocks and put them back up on the wall, trying to duplicate the setting I'd played with at the time.

Here it is back in March.

Some of the blocks were "fill in" blocks while I was playing around with setting ideas..


...and ultimately went to live in this quilt.

Meanwhile I made a bunch more Farmers Wife blocks to fill in.

 So here it is, with the new blocks.
 I'm wondering why I like the first one better? I think it might be the tone in the photo? Maybe rearranging the blocks might help? Is it the blocks themselves? Something's not sitting quite right. I think it need to marinate some more.

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