Saturday, October 4, 2014


I'm always trying to figure out interesting setting ideas. I made these blocks several months ago, along with the setting blocks, and I initially laid them out in diagonal rows. It was... ok... but I couldn't bring myself to sew it together, so I put it away to marinate for a few months. Anyway, I pulled it out yesterday and messed around with it for a while, and came up with this sort of spiral idea. Much more interesting, don't you think? I'll install a border or two before I'm finished.

The above photo was taken with my ipad. I can't say I'm too impressed, are you?

Here are some detail pix, taken with my husband's camera, so you can get an idea of the fabrics. The colors are much truer, not to mention clearer. Still... its a good thing I don't do this (photography) for a living! I don't how you all get such nice photos. I just don't have the patience.

Here's a doll quilt I started several months ago. I say started, actually all I had done was arrange some scraps leftover from my another small quilt (which still isn't done, btw.) Anyway, I finally sewed it together and finished it last weekend. Cute, huh? Its 7 1/2" x 8 1/2" and will be a gift for my MIL.

This is my other material creation - if you consider tomatoes "material". 
I experimented and made simple tomato sauce in the crockpot. It was a success, but still a lot of work because I had to run it through a food mill to remove the skins and seeds. I probably won't do this again. I mean, how much does a can of tomato sauce cost?


  1. I like the movement in your setting--it has a lot of energy! You are right about the canning--some thing aren't really worth all the effort unless you are worried about the additives, etc., but your sauce sure looks good!

  2. Hey Sandy, I think that setting is brilliant! You could make that a pattern to sell! Shows you what a little marinating can produce! the doll quilt is really cute to, I love the blue border! And as for the tomatoes, I totally agree. The pulping and canning process just takes to much energy. I generally just freeze my freshly pulped tomatoes in single size containers and then reduce them when I'm ready to use them in something! I think it saves a lot
    a bit of time and energy. cheers, CW

  3. Good morning, I saw the photos online and was smitten...I can do that and I did that...I need to make the borders...Do you have a name for this quilt? I would like to give you the credit as the designer on my name tag.