Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Hourglass Top

Sometimes I question the wisdom of having multiple projects going at the same time, especially when you have deadlines on some of them. For instance, there are several items I would like to complete before the Quilt Show in February. Meanwhile, everything else gets put on the back burner. Add to that the fact that I spend practically no time in my sewing room in the summer. Lots of stuff has piled up, and new projects are constantly running through my brain. Complete something "old" ? No fun. Start something new? Fun. You can see where this leads. Anyway, this hourglass top has been on the back burner for several months.

I happened to have a few hours to commit to sewing yesterday/last night while my husband was watching the Giants/Dodgers game, simultaneously with the Angels/? game so I didn't really want to be in that same room. Good time to escape!

I went ahead and pulled out this top, which I have been mulling over for quite some time, thinking it needed something more. Especially after seeing a really beautiful one on someone else's blog, which was finished with a directional fabric inner border, and a pieced outer border. I'm not ashamed to say, I stole her idea. I'll have to fish around and see if I can find it, so I can give credit. Luckily I had just enough of the two striped fabrics for a couple of borders, and plenty of scraps for more triangle squares across the top and bottom.

To solve the problem of an uneven number of triangle squares, I thought I'd insert a mini spiky star in the center. Probably somewhat unconventional, but I kinda like how it works. You can look at my last post to see how I made the little stars. btw I fixed that top border, which needed a little seam adjustment and a bit of a trim.

Now onto some "new" projects, which I'll be sharing soon!



  1. Hey Sandy, The borders look great and I really like the stars in the middle. I think the border really works with the rectangular shape of the quilt too. And I love all the shades of brown / beige! cheers, cw

  2. Really great quilt! Your border is wonderful with the hourglasses.:)

  3. Love you hourglass quilt, and your very inventive stars in the border. Really quirky and nice!