Monday, July 28, 2014

More Vintage Textiles

This was at the Folsom History Museum. Its called a "wrapper" and you can read about it on the label below. It caught my eye because of the lining.

The lining is made from feed sacks! 

Another interesting detail is that the "lace" trim 
is actually a fussy cut print! 

A "wrapper" !  Who knew? 

Another maternity dress, looks like '30s' or '40's vintage. 
Sorry I didn't shoot the label. 

Baby clothes and doll clothes

Clever display of crochet caps

Notice the corner on the animal quilt?

A couple more quilts. I thought this one was darling!

Interesting arrangement of Tumbling Blocks...

...including geometric border!

OK that's it for today!




  1. I think I like the Folsom exhibit as much or more than the Crocker museum exhibit! It was so casual and friendly and there were so many examples of textiles to look at, as you've shown, that made it very interesting! thanks for the review! cheers, cw

  2. Lovely post! Thanks,for the details