Monday, July 28, 2014

More Vintage Textiles

This was at the Folsom History Museum. Its called a "wrapper" and you can read about it on the label below. It caught my eye because of the lining.

The lining is made from feed sacks! 

Another interesting detail is that the "lace" trim 
is actually a fussy cut print! 

A "wrapper" !  Who knew? 

Another maternity dress, looks like '30s' or '40's vintage. 
Sorry I didn't shoot the label. 

Baby clothes and doll clothes

Clever display of crochet caps

Notice the corner on the animal quilt?

A couple more quilts. I thought this one was darling!

Interesting arrangement of Tumbling Blocks...

...including geometric border!

OK that's it for today!



Thursday, July 24, 2014

Vintage Quilts on Exhibit

The Workt By Hand quilt exhibit is at the Crocker Museum in Old Town Sacramento at the moment, close enough to me for a rushed day trip, or a leisurely overnight one. My friend and I opted for overnight, and went last weekend.

Many have posted previously about this collection from the Brooklyn Museum, including pictures. The Crocker Museum has a strict no-photo policy, so we tried to behave ourselves and obey. I managed to sneak one photo of the above quilt, which I found most stunning. Its silk, and you can see the degradation in some areas, especially at the top.  BTW we would have purchased the catalog, but it was completely sold out, with no more to be found anywhere! They simply did not print enough.

The following day we drove up to Folsom, to view more quilts at the Folsom History Museum. Mostly they were crib quilts, many 19th century, some mid-twentieth century kits. This museum had no such no-photo policy, in fact we were encouraged to shoot away with abandon, which we did. Here are a few I took:

Many of the quilts were set up in pleasing vignettes, with vintage clothing from the era. The triangle quilt is dated 1890, and the "End of the Day" pattern on the right, with those wonderful pink hst's, is dated 1880 for the top, completed in 1980.

I believe its debatable whether vintage tops are better off left as-is, rather than "finished". I was pleased to see this was hand quilted, in the manner it might have been during the time the top was made.

I'd love to have seen this one spread out. Perhaps it was damaged. I just love the wonderful old fabrics!

This was one of the cuter kit quilts.

I wish I could figure out how to post some of these pictures side by side. Sometimes it happens, but its usually a mistake and I can't figure out how I did it!

Another really cute kit quilt. Should have shot more detail pix.

I'll post a few more, then I better quit for today. Blogger might not like it if I try to post too many pix in one post.

 Love all these great colors!

Love that cheddar and blue!

Sorry about the crappy photos, taken with my phone.

More later....