Monday, April 21, 2014

Davy's Quilt

I'm making this for my grand-nephew who is in his early twenties, and struggling with mental illness. I was advised to not make anything too fancy as "you never know what may happen" to the quilt once he receives it.

This comes entirely from my stash of plaids and stripes, homespuns and shirtings. I finished piecing the interior last night, then got the first two borders cut and sort of arranged. There will be one more border to pull it all together.

I had played around earlier with some different ideas for the four-patches, which ultimately went together side-by-side in the interior that you see above.

I thought I could use up the rest of that blue Connecting Threads print, but somehow these arrangements seemed too... I don't know, juvenile or something. Plus, I really wanted to make more of a dent in my stacks of plaids.

Meanwhile, I've been monkeying around with my Farmers Wife blocks, and so far I'm liking this type of an arrangement.

This will surely evolve further. Meanwhile I need to make more blocks. Some of these won't make the cut. Others belong to a different project, but I used them to fill in just to get an idea of the setting. Don't look to see this finished any time soon.

I hope everyone had a nice Easter! We bbq'ed turkey burgers.



  1. Love the quilt in plaids. Best wishes to the young man.
    I have a bag of little blocks but no setting ideas yet...
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. I like the setting for the 4 patches that you chose the best. It is lovely and I pray it brings him comfort. Your Farmer's Wife setting looks fabulous as well!

  3. Your plaid quilts are WONDERFUL! And Your Farmer's Wife quilt is by far the nicest Farmer's Wife out there!! WOW!! I LOVE IT!!!

  4. Hey Sandy, I really like the layout you settled on for your nephew's quilt. The variety of colors in the middle contrasting with the borders really works! I like the layout for the Farmer's Wife blocks too. setting things on point always makes them a little more interesting! cheers, CW

  5. Good decisions all the way around on your plaid quilt. Great borders.