Monday, February 24, 2014

PVQA Quilt Show

I wanted to post pictures of our quilt show which occurred over the weekend, but then I realized I had not gotten permission from any of the artists to show their work, in fact forgot to take pix of the labels so I would even know who to give credit to. Besides that, my pictures were crap.

Thankfully, not everyone around here is so dense. My friend Claire took great pix, and posted some of them here. Good job, Claire!

Meanwhile, here's a picture of our new black drapes - with no quilts!

Take my word for it, the quilts look fabulous against them, and the look really transforms our show.

I thought the Bargain Garden was a safe and worthy topic, but there was no way to capture it in one shot, not with my camera anyway. It's huge!

I'm happy to report I walked away with only a bag full of magazines, which will no doubt end up back in the Bargain Garden next year.

Another safe subject is the Live Auction, which got off to a slow start, but once everyone was warmed up the bidding really took off. We had a new auctioneer this year, unfortunately I don't have his name handy, but he was great! Here he is, auctioning off my quilt, which is sideways.

That's my friend Cheryl holding the quilt.

Do you know any other quilt show that features a Man Land? Here's ours, ready for those weary (or bored) husbands.

I took one later of someone's husband asleep in the recliner, but not knowing who it was, I thought it might be cruel to post it.  You never know when these things might go viral and embarrass someone.

I hope I don't get in trouble for posting the following photo. Last year, two Santa Cruz police officers were shot and killed, just days after the 2013 quilt show. One of our members, also a 911 dispatcher, created this quilt as a tribute to the two officers and presented it to the police chief.

Rather than end this post on a sad note, I'll end it on an encouraging one. The quilt below was made by a ten-year-old boy, as part of a 4-H program run by fellow quilter Rosa Kitchen.

Ten-year old Josh McLoughlin designed, sewed, and quilted this himself on Rosa's longarm machine.  Its amazing what these kids can do, when they're taught that they can do anything! 


ps  Incidentally, the teal and red quilt at the top of the page was a rescue from the flea market, donated to the auction and sold for $150. Crazy!

pss  Here's a link to the newspaper article featuring Rachel Clark, this year's Featured Artist, and Josh, the boy who made the dog quilt. I figure if the paper can publish these pictures, so can I !


  1. Thanks for the link! The flea market find is wonderful!

  2. Great post Sandy! I think you covered the show very well! I think this was definetly one of the better shows we've had in recent years! And now that that we've been through the learning curve on the quilt stands things should go even more smoothly next year! Thanks for the review! cheers, CW

  3. The drapes look great! What kind of fabric did you use to make them?