Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More Stars and Marmalade

I'm still having fun with these.

I've been playing around with the idea of using a variety of shirtings for the backgrounds and/or setting blocks.

Its all in the mulling stage while I continue to piece more stars

Above are the two latest I did over the weekend.

Meanwhile, my oranges are ripening, and it just so happens the Clementines are in at the farmers market, so...

Time for a batch of marmalade!

By the way, a Clementine is a type of tangerine, which gives a unique flavor to the marmalade - almost like eating those jelly orange wedges. Quite yummy. This batch ended up with an ever-so-slight bitter note at the end (I suspect the barely ripe lemon) which lends it a unique complexity - kinda like hops give to a good IPA Ha ha - nice try, I know! At any rate, once it hit the buttered toast it was perfect so I'll call this a success!


ps don't forget the PVQA Quilt Show this weekend! (see previous post)


  1. Love all of your stars, especially the last two you made! I think the shirting fabric is a great background idea... the stars will really pop!

  2. Hi Sandy! The stars are beautiful, the patterning has such a intricate feel to it! And the marmalade looks very yummy! My orages are not at all ripe yet?! But I would love to swap recipes with you. See you at the Fair! cheers, CW

  3. Your stars are beautiful and the shirtings will really set them off!