Friday, February 28, 2014

Block Exchange

This past year I participated in a block exchange based on the Rosemary Youngs Civil War books, and the Farmers Wife book.  Our last exchange took place this month (Feb 2014). There are forty blocks, and I decided to play around with them last night.

My first instinct was to use this dark, dusty blue CW repro for sashing, and I think its very effective. I like the way it makes the background on particular blocks disappear, and really pops out the colors.

But then I had this niggling little bug in my brain, asking, Do you really want another dark blue quilt? I think I've made at least three of them in the past two years, and another one just doesn't excite me all that much.

So I started digging around in my "large hunks of fabric" bin to see what else I might audition.

I've had this pretty 'rust leaves on blue' hanging around for about a million years, and had frankly forgotten about it.

Its pretty blendy, but I like how it gives it a happier look. Lots of the blocks have cheddar or yellow, which both appear in the leaves, so I think it "goes" as far as that goes. Although its not a repro, but who cares? btw I just threw the blocks up there, they have not been arranged yet.

I'm liking it a lot at the moment! What do you think? Can I get away with it?



  1. It may not be a repro. fabric, but it's gorgeous just the same! Love how it brightens your quilt.:)

  2. It's a daring choice--I love how it works with the cheddar and yellow!

  3. Sandy - I love all your quilt blocks - what a great exchange! But I have to confess I'm not a fan of the fabric with leaves on it. When I first saw it I thought it was a kids novelty print - I think it detracts from the beauty of the blocks. Keep looking - I'm sure you'll find just the right fabric eventually. Just IMHO.

  4. Fun group of blocks. I think you will know,the right choice when it speak to you :-) lovely million year old blue print!!