Monday, December 30, 2013

Vintage Modern Surprise

Yesterday I spent pretty much the entire day in my sewing room, cleaning, organizing, and culling. Regrettably, it doesn't look much different than when I started. You know how it is. You pick up a piece of fabric, stare at it for several minutes, then put it back on the shelf. Or in the box. Or in a different box. Once in awhile you relegate an unloved item to the "go away" box. Sometimes you take it back out again. At the end of the day, I did manage to cull enough stuff to make it a little easier to move around the room, and in the process take inventory of my so-called "collections".

One box was (is still) full of mid-20th century-type stuff, among which I found this quilt top. I honestly don't remember when/where I got it, in fact finding it in the box was a total surprise to me. The blocks measure over 12", so its a fairly decent size.  I don't know about you, but it looks to me like it would fit right in with the Modern Quilt movement.

Am I the only one who gets excited over these funky '60's fabrics? I wonder if they will ever have their day, and become trendy.

Some of the prints are truly whacky. Others are truly horrid - or wonderful, depending on your point of view. Most would have qualified for our guild's Ugly Fabric Contest which we held at our December meeting.

Whoever made this top had a great sense of color, imo. The blocks are so vibrant, they practically pop out of their purple boundaries. There is one dud... I think you can find it.

I'm not sure what to do with this. Should it be quilted? if so, how?  I don't know if it even lays flat enough. And if I quilt it, then what am I gonna do with it? I really don't have room to store quilts I don't use. Heck, I don't have room to store the quilts I do use! Would I use this?

Maybe I'll hang onto it, wait for '60's prints to make a comeback. Properly finished, it might do well at our auction. Maybe someone other than myself will fall in love with it, too!


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  1. I really like some of those 60's prints, especially the pink and brown block!