Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sew Day

I had a sew day with my friend Pam Rocco on Friday. This is what I came home with at the end of the day!

Years ago when I first met Pam, she was making what she called "britches quilts" mainly out of corduroy and other materials gleaned from pants from the Good Will.

Pam made what we would now call "Modern Quilts" far before the Modern Quilt movement ever hit the internet. That's Pam, on the left, pointing at the green circle.

I took these pix several years ago, during Show-And-Tell at the guild she belonged to at the time.

My little start of a quilt at the top of the page (and below) is from Pam's leftover corduroy. Which I bought a huge stack of from her for a song not too long ago, and is now on loan to our friend Ann, who also participated in our Sew Day. 

Its amazing how long it took me to come up with these simple blocks. Especially since the two on the ends were already made, from a class I took from Pam a few years ago. So really, in three hours I made one block, connected the other two, and sort of framed it with the cream/yellow. There's a tiny little hint of curved piecing here - which Pam tried to teach us - but not so easy to do on cord. I sure like the effect, though.

Hopefully I'll have a chance to dig into that corduroy again some time soon (whenever Ann is finished with it) and expand upon my quilt. I'd be quite happy with lap size!



  1. Your blocks are really great! I agree that the style is incredibly hard to do even though it looks so simple! I keep thinking I need to invest in some solids and have myself a play day (or rather weekend)!

  2. Hey Sandy, Oooooh you know how I love that free and easy style! I know it does not feel so easy at first. But like everything, the more you do it the easier it gets! cheers, CW