Wednesday, December 11, 2013


I'm so bummed. I got an email this morning informing me The Old Country Store  has suddenly closed. This was my favorite online fabric store!

And... what happened to "Inspired By Antique Quilts" ???
I just clicked on her blog and there's nothing there! Just the home page, which states "no posts." ?!?



  1. Life gets busy and some people decide to cut out the blogging. Love that blog too!

  2. Old Country Store is one of my favorites too! I'm especially bummed since I was about to order using my $10 gift certificate and the cart quit working--arrggg!!
    I hope Kathie is just taking a break..I love to see what she is up to.

  3. I read that the Old Country Store declared bankruptcy. Maybe they should have charged more for their fabrics!

  4. I'm sad I also liked the blog Kathie, I even sent him a small miniature quilt to thank for encouraging us to work happily on our quilts. Friendship of France. Mamifleur