Saturday, December 21, 2013

Easy Glasses Case

Here's a super easy method for a cute glasses case I came up with, which you can complete in about 10 minutes.

Here's what you'll need:
one piece of outside fabric, 7" wide by x 9" long
one piece of lining fabric, 7" wide by 9" long
one piece of cotton batting, 7" wide by 9" long

First you want to choose two coordinating fabrics

Cut a 7x9 piece from each fabric, and from a scrap of cotton batting. Layer your outside fabric on top of the lining fabric, right sides together, with the batting underneath.

Put a few pins along the top 7" edge, and sew 1/4" seam. Notice I'm using my walking foot.

Now open the layers, and fold back so the right sides are facing out and press...
 ...then fold back so the batting is in the middle and press again.

Now fold the lining back over the outside, about 1 1/2" and press. I know, I seriously need a new ironing board cover! Please ignore the stains ~

Next, fold in half lengthwise, inside out, and pin.
Be sure and match the folded ends

Now sew together down the side and across the bottom, 1/2" seam.

Here's where you have an option. You can simply trim the seams, clip the corners and call it a day. But if you're worried about the unfinished seam (which is hardly noticeable btw) you may finish it very easily like this:
Fold the lining fabric back on one side before you trim, then whip stitch it over the seam.
I'm lazy so I only stitched it about two inches down, leaving the rest of the seam unfinished. Your glasses won't care, trust me.

Turn right side out, and push corners out with a chop stick or similar tool.


Seriously, this took about ten minutes to make. Well... eleven if you count whip stitching 2" down the seam.

Embellishing is easy, and fun.  I'm sure you can think of lots more variations. But beware, these are addicting!


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  1. Hey Sandy, I'm with you, I don't think the glasses care if there is a seam there or not as long as it protects them from getting scratched! Pretty fabric choices and great tutorial! Have a great Holiday! cheers, CW