Monday, December 9, 2013

A New Season

I've really been enjoying seeing everyone's Christmas decorating!

So ya'll have inspired me to get with it .. the season, that is. Not sure if I want to haul out the big box and go the whole nine yards of decorating this year, though.  Some years I do it, some years I don't. As you can probably see, we're crowded pretty tight in our little house, so a tree is out of the question anyway. Meanwhile, at least I changed out my quilts.

While I don't really make actual Christmas quilts, these more or less fit the season. The other colors nicely balance out the reds and greens imo.

I think I might be able to manage getting a nice poinsettia for the mantle. And some pinecones, if I can find some. I've got lots of other stuff that could go up there too, but like I said.... 

am I being a humbug? or just lazy?

Not sure what that big shadow is in the corner - maybe my finger in front of the lens?

 This was my first real "blended" quilt, which was really fun to make.  I adore those Moda prints!

I decided to use the back of this quilt for my dining table topper, with the little mini made by my MIL as a centerpiece. 

Two days later  -

I got my poinsettias...

and my pine cones...

I walked a few blocks down to a "country road" this afternoon and scored these - they're pretty dirty and about half of them are closed. I need to clean them up a bit, then bring them inside and see if more of them open up. 

Already I've done more than I thought I would. Hmm.... maybe I'll get in the mood yet!



  1. Hey Sandy, All those quilts are great. The feathered star is especially pretty! I don't think you have to decorate to the rafter to show Christmas spirit, Just do what makes you feel the Holiday Cheer! Happy Holidays! CW

  2. Sometimes it is nice to keep it simple. Love the poinsettias- they can liven up any area!