Friday, October 25, 2013

Romantic 9-Patch

Above is what I call my "Romantic 9-patch" or "Blended 9-patch", can't decide which to call it. I used lots of Moda florals, and other related
"romantic" looking fabrics (imo). One of my big influences throughout my quilting career has been Marsha McCloskey, and it shows in this quilt.
I started piecing it a year ago, and finished the top fairly quickly, then it sat until I got a chance to baste it last June at a quilt retreat. Then it sat again. I finally found the time to quilt it about a month ago, and finally finished it up a few days ago. It now awaits a sleeve and label, for the quilt show in Feb.

 Here's some detail of my machine quilting.

Don't know if you can see it, but I did a wavy line on the border.

I used "fake" pink ticking for the back and binding.

I used Legacy bamboo batting, my first experience with said product. It washed up beautifully with a nice crinkle, and is very soft.  Have any of you tried this batting? or other bamboo batting? How did it work for you?

I hope to have more to show, soon!



  1. Yes, I can see the McCloskey influence! Great 9-patch quilt. Such lovely fabrics.:)

  2. Nothing more classic that a simple 9-patch - love it!

  3. A romantic 9 patch! Just gorgeous! Love your pink ticking binding and backing... and the curvy quilting!

  4. Hey Sandy, I love this quilt. I like your title. I think that suits it perfectly, those prints are romantic! I love the way you quilted it. Did you do that all on your short arm?! Fantastic! I will look for it at the Fair. cheers, CW