Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Scrap Basket

In the spirit of "Scrap Basket Sunday" today I had the idea to go through my scrap basket, and try to make something from actual scraps. The last several quilts I've made are large, and I'm in the mood for something small and fun.

First I dumped it all out and began to pick through and sort.

I sorted out a variety of  "units" which were left over from various projects. They look like fun, don't they? Oh how I'd love to put them all together and make something cohesive and wonderful. Unfortunately, the more I look at them, the more they boggle my mind. Maybe some day I'll figure something out. I think a better idea might be to "pass them along" and let someone else figure something out! My guess is they'll languish for another several years and at some point get delegated to the flea market.

On a side note, here's something that's been puzzling me for a while:  why do we call these Half Square Triangles (aka HSTs) ? Technically, they are Triangle Squares.  I mean, they're squares, right? Made out of triangles - that are made from cutting a square in half. Which I guess is where the confusion comes in. I will agree that HST is a lot easier to type than Triangle Square, so maybe that's the reason. Anyway, I found lots and lots of them, in lots and lots of sizes.

These are what I call Half Square Triangles. Sew them together, and you get Triangle Squares!  Make sense? No??

Oh well ~

Whatever they're called, I found tons of them, in all sorts of sizes, also left over from other projects. "One day" I'll sort them into sizes and sew them into Triangle Squares. Ha ha.

I just call these Hour Glass Blocks. I found several of them in a variety of sizes as well.

Living in another basket are two ziplocks full of selvedges. I will wisely leave these be for the time being.

Just when my brain was about to explode, I found these: all basically the same size, all paired with muslin. I have no idea what project these were leftover from, but it looked like there might be enough for a doll quilt - which is just what I have in mind. They were all pretty kattywhompus, so first I needed to square them all up.

The ones below contain actual vintage fabric.  I don't remember sewing them, but I do remember those vintage scraps given to me by a friend.

Anyway, I went ahead and laid them all out, and I think it might be a go!

What do you think??



  1. That's going to be cute! And it looks like you had a fun time, getting reacquainted with your leftovers. Funny how after time passes, we can't even remember what we did with the original fabric to begin with!

  2. Lovely. This will be so cute. And, my cat says her does not know where HSTs got their name but her loves the "hissing" sound saying HSTs makes. lol

  3. Adorable! I'm planning a mug rug making session with my little leftovers one day... I can't make my mind work out anything larger.

  4. Looks like you had a wonderful play!!I['d never thought of the HST thing before - interesting!! Your little quilt be will be so cute.

  5. love hst quilts have made a few! never get tired of them as you can use LOTS of fabrics and scraps to make them!
    keep going !

  6. Hey Sandy, I always figured HST meant a Square made by two halves that were Triangles. Geometrically speaking a square can only be divided in Equal halves in a couple of ways. Diagonally to make two triangles or through it's centers to make two rectangles. Does that make sense?! I love sorting leftovers and scraps! It just feels like cheap entertainment to me, I just ry not to get to attavhed to the outcome! lol! But I love your doll quilt! I love the colors and the scrapy feel to it. I think those are the most interesting projects! cheers, CW