Friday, August 30, 2013

Finished Tiny Zig Zag, All Dressed Up

I love how many of you stage your quilt photos. I'm lucky if I can get a decent plain old photo, let alone something so cool looking like you all post. Nevertheless, I thought what the heck, I might as well give it a try. Here are my hokey attempts at staging.

Zig Zag on Barnwood Shed, with Tomato

I would have much more luck with this sort of thing if I took the pictures in the spring, when my garden looks WAY better. The state its in now, it was hard to find a presentable backdrop for my little quilt.

 Zig Zag with Trellis, Rose, and Potted Plant

That potted succulent gets some really pretty orange blooms, but unfortunately its pretty much shot at the moment. 

Zig Zag with Yard Junk and Red Geranium

Probably the best one, as the yard junk pretty much always looks the same, and the geranium is pretty much always blooming.

 Lonely Clematis Bloom, No Zig Zag

I just planted the clematis this year. Its barely grown, and  I was surprised to see it actually bloomed - one lonely blossom. I have high hopes for next year. Oh, and there are some of those orange blooms. I couldn't quite get the quilt in there, tho.

Zig Zag on Wicker Trunk

Now that I look closer, I see I still have some marking lines where I considered (but rejected) more quilting. Ignore those lines, please.

Anyway, I'm loving this little quilt, and am planning on keeping it for myself. Next time, I'll tell you a sad story about some doll quilts I let go, which I have regretted ever since.


  1. The zigzag mini looks terrific in all the photo settings! It's a precious little quilt to keep for yourself!

  2. So sweet! It looks great in any setting!

  3. For some reason, the titles make me giggle! The quilt is darling and you're obviously a photographer at heart. I have the same problem except usually my finishes come when the sun is down. Of course, I could snap a photo and call it "quilt in the dark"--LOL!