Monday, July 22, 2013


I promise you this is the LAST time I will post a picture of this quilt until its DONE (by that I mean quilted and bound) which will be a LONG time from now because, frankly, I'm sick of looking at it and I'm sure you are, too.

You'd think sewing this together would have been easy. But of course I had to make it difficult by splitting/fanning all 168 intersections, and smashing ironing them down with a squirt of spray starch so they'll stay put until I get around to quilting it. All of which took at least twice as long as the sewing.

Unfortunately, I can no longer stand having big lumps all over my quilts, especially so many of them! Most of these intersections look like a mangled mess, rather than cute little pinwheels they're supposed to be.

Meanwhile, now that its at least sewn together, I just had to audition the top behind the bed with the quilt its intended to go with:

Hmm. What do you think about the brown quilts against the purple walls? Will I have to re-paint? Another reason to put off finishing it.

While I had the brown star quilt out, I thought I'd snap a couple detail pix with the intent to show off the hand quilting. Too bad it didn't work so well...

Unfortunately, I don't know how to turn off the flash on my husband's camera, which washed out the shadows that would have accentuated the quilting. As it is, you can barely see it. Dang it, I need camera lessons!

Anyway, I'm very happy to have that thing off my wall and out of my sight for awhile.


PS - this is really funny.... little did I know, I accidentally took a movie of my quilt!  Really, I don't know how I did that, except I guess I pressed some button to shut the flash off which unbeknownst to me, started the video recorder?!? HA ha!! Anyway, then I thought well what the heck, I'll put it the blog! Interesting, as the quilting shows up better.

Remember.. this video was a mistake!
(I really DO need camera lessons! LOL!)


  1. Your quilt finish is really lovely! I have one similar done in my stacks of quilts tops too, only mine is done in yellows and reds.:) Funny how you tire of them after all the work, but I'm sure you'll love it once again when you start in on the hand quilting!

  2. Hey Sandy, both quilts are fantastic and the quilting is amazeing! I don't think you need to paint the walls. At least from the pic it looks light lavender not purple and it looks fine. I really love the briken dishes of the wall quilt. I've been thinking about doing something similar, fun to sew 'cause there are so many surprizes! cheers, CW

  3. I for one am NOT sick of seeing this quilt... especially now with a peek at what it will look like hanging above the quilt on the bed! Wonderful planning!
    Gotta love that spray starch! No sewing room should be without it!

  4. Beautiful quilts.
    Love your hand stitching.