Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Feed Sacks

These things really fluffed up when I washed them!

I'm used to having fabric shrink when I wash it. But these pieces actually grew! They really softened up nicely, too. I was a little worried about that as they were pretty rough feeling when I got them.


At first I was wondering about these red ones, as they felt more smooth than the others. Are they in fact feed sacks, or yardage. I'm not that familiar with feed sacks, so its hard for me to tell.

But then... can you see the stitching line along the cut edge? That says "feed sack" to me.  Am I right? I encourage any/all opinions, as others of you are certainly more knowledgeable on this topic than I am.

This one definitely is, as its still a "sack" complete with original stitching.

Still no definite plans for these. Any suggestions?


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  1. When I first started collecting feedsack fabric I could bear to cut into it, so each piece was folded neatly on top of one another... I enjoyed it like that for a long time before I made a little project out of scraps. I still have large pieces. If I was going to make a quilt I would use a dresden plate pattern, or a simple nine patch, with a solid color background, so the colors and patterns of the feedsack fabric would be the main focus!