Monday, July 8, 2013

Easy Come, Easy Go

Tonight our quilt guild is having a flea market, whereas any guild member can set up a table and sell his/her unloved fabric and notions or other quilt related stuff, then go about buying other people's unloved stuff.

I love the flea market. Mostly I end up buying a bunch of stuff I don't need, but I usually end up with a few gems at a great price.

Anyway, I'm splitting a table this year, to get rid of offer up my selections.

 This is what I culled out of my stash today:

This is how my fabric cabinet looks now that its "lighter" and more organized. Yes I know, I should have taken a "before" shot. Well remember my messy room from a few posts ago? Just extrapolate.

Still not a lot of extra room. Actually, this is only the top half. The bottom is still a mess as it took me so long to sort through the top half, I didn't have time to do the bottom.

I had already filled some boxes previously, here it all is ready to go:

There are some nice pieces of fabric in there. Some big enough for backings (which is what I bought them for ... ahem) Also plenty of junk - but you know what they say about one person's junk. Also some UFO's, old magazines and books. The beauty is, whatever is left over will be donated to our Bargain Garden, so I don't have to bring any of it home!

While sorting through stuff, I found these:

which were given to me by my Mom-in-law recently, after someone gave them to her. I haven't counted, but I think there must be around 40 in there. I haven't decided if I should keep them - therefore relegating them to the bottom of the ever expanding list of  projects I'll probably never get to in my lifetime - or if I should let them go to someone who might actually make them into something.

What do you think? If you had these, what would you do with them?


addendum (later tonight) 

I did good! When all was said and done I netted roughly $50, and came home with these lovely gems:
yep, they're feed sacks, and I got them for a song!


  1. Oh how fun! Such a great idea. Your hexy blocks would definitely be a keeper at my house! I'd probably try to do something newish and slightly funky with them.:)

  2. This is my first visit to your blog, and, OH MY, I love it! It just might be because we have similar tastes... I see some lovely scraps of blue fabrics in the stash you took to your guild flea market! I'm with Audrey regarding the hexie blocks... they are keepers, no matter how far to the bottom of the projects list they go. In reading some of your earlier posts, I chuckled when I saw the picture of your sewing/guest room, because it reminded me of my sewing/guest room! Yes, when a guest is expected, I can whip it into shape in no time at all! Looking forward to seeing more from you!

  3. Hey Sandy, It must have been a really good flea market! I bumped into Vicky J at the market and she said she was going to bring stuff to sell too! I like all those fabs you got and you lucky duck having some one give you those flower garden hexaons!! cheers, CW