Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bless the Bloggers

I'm guessing it was about three or four months ago when my friend Claire happened to mention she has a blog. Claire not only has a great understanding and appreciation of antique quilts and fabrics, but does some amazing things with oddball fabrics and scraps - sometimes wonky, sometimes arty, always delightful. Her Scrap Strategies workshop, which I've had the fortune to participate in, is nothing less than inspirational. So of course I had to check out her blog. Which is also wonderful.

Up until this time, while I wasn't exactly a blog "virgin", I hadn't really found many quilting blogs that interested me all that much. My friend Kay Mackenzie has a wonderful website, but its "All About Applique", and you know how I feel about the "A" word. Still worth a check-out though, as Kay definitely has her finger on the pulse of things. Of course there's Barbara Brackman, who is a constant source of knowledge and inspiration, BOMs, et all.  But it wasn't until I started following the never ending trail of links starting with Claire's blog did I discover the world of quilters out there who not only have the same inclinations as myself (for example old and/or scrappy quilts) but are so wonderfully willing to share their experience with any old person - like myself - who happens to find them on the internet. I've since been like the proverbial kid in the candy store. Anything with the name Antique or Vintage or Retro or Repro or Scrappy or Doll Quilt in the title gets my attention immediately. Just check out my own constantly growing side bar to see who I consider "musts" in terms of  viewing. Which has become an addiction, btw!

Enter my own blog. This was originally intended to be a Quilt Gallery for my friends and family to look at. For example, I "owe" quilts to a couple of nieces, and I'd like to be able to present some visual ideas to them. And since young folks don't seem to look at their email anymore - and I refuse to join Facebook - I thought a website might be the answer. Still haven't gotten any feedback from said nieces, however ~ maybe its time I spent more time updating my Quilt Gallery ?

Meanwhile, I'm so excited to find "like minds" and am so enjoying seeing everyone's creative endeavors, I can't help wanting to share mine. I can't tell you how much I've learned in the past three months - about organizing, sewing tips, and "keeping it moving".  I have gotten three times as much done in the past few months as I would have normally! My sewing room is still a mess, however.

Tomorrow I will morph my sewing room into the intended Guest Room, as our friends are coming from Germany, so no sewing for me next week.

Thank you all, for everything!


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  1. I sometimes think I 'waste' too much time on blog reading, but it does inspire me too. Hope you can get back to sewing soon.