Sunday, June 16, 2013

as promised - new toy demo

New to me, anyway. This is called the Easy Angle, available at I got mine last week at my not-so-local quilt store.

Good for making half-square triangles without having to add the whole 7/8" which ends up as a dog ear anyway. Works for up to 6 1/2" squares.

I'm not sure why one end is black, and one has the tip cut off, but either end will work, although you may need to either read the numbers upside down, or count backwards. Please let me know if you know more about this than I do, and can explain these things! 

Anyway, I'll demo the 2 1/2" option, which uses 2 1/2" strips, to give you 2" finished triangle squares.

(please forgive the blur and glare - still inept at taking photos)

The numbers are a little confusing. You can use either end of the ruler, but this end with the tip cut off works best for me. Line up on your strips right sides together as shown, then mark the diagonal line.

Next, lay your ruler tip side down alongside your marked line, as shown

This end  has the tip still on but painted black. The numbers make more sense if you use this end, as you can see. Now cut against the straight end.

The length of this unit is 3 1/4". To save time, you can simply cut the units to length first, using your omnigrid or whatever ruler you find easier.
Then use the Easy Angle to mark your line.

Now sew 1/4" from each side of the line, and cut apart.

Open and press...




  1. That's a neat trick for making two squares at once, I'll have to try that. I love my easy angle but had never thought of doing that.

  2. Thanks for this. I bought one and was stymied as to what it was really for. Now I know.