Monday, February 3, 2014

Moving Things Along

I've been sick with the flu (no, I did not get the flu shot). It was not the worst flu I've ever had, but still. It had me flat down for an entire week, during which time I had not cut one thread, nor sewn a single stitch. About the quiltiest thing I'd done all week was look at blogs and comment on a few of them.

I finally started feeling human again. I decided to make another star last night, which you see above. I used the mirrors, and came up with this one. You could go crazy with all the possibilities. Don't look too closely, its not perfect. A little wonky in the center. Oh well, adds to the charm I guess.

I also tried making a couple more of this style. I really like these. I think they're more - I don't know, homey or earthy looking than the fussy cut single-fabric ones. I'm not sure which direction I'm going to go with this. I'm not sure they'll all "go" together, if you know what I mean.

Meanwhile (before flu) I've been reevaluating this piece.  Something about the scale just wasn't right, the applique in the center ended up being pretty much dwarfed by all those extraneous strips, blocks and borders. So I removed all the junk, leaving this, which looks correct to me. It kinda reminds me of a Lori Smith piece, so I guess it can't be all bad. So, it will be yet another wall hanging. Or table topper. Whatever.

Here's what it had evolved into earlier:


I had to ask myself, what is the purpose of this quilt? Do I want to make this into a large quilt? Would it even work for a bed? What about the wall? Would I hang this in my home? No, no, and no were the answers. So.. where was it going, and did I really want to spend my time completing it, when it was just sort of making me crazy? Another resounding NO. 

I think it was just one of those crazy ideas which manifested in a sewing frenzy, giving birth to a Frankenstein, and I'm glad I'm over it.

Ahhh.... I feel much better now!



  1. Your stars are very charming. I like the fussy cut ones too, but there is a time and place for them and not every quilt needs them--my opinion of course! Really, really like how your quilt ended up. It's beautiful now! Sometimes I worry that I get too busy adding borders to pay attention to what my quilt really needs. That's partly why I try not to get in too big a hurry to finish up my quilt tops. Not that I need an excuse for being slow.:)

  2. I really like the finished results of the Frankenstein... it's very pleasing to the eye!
    I'm a bit hooked on English paper piecing at the moment. Other projects are being ignored... I need to get busy on Lori's Midwinter Blues... Love your stars... also on my list!!!!

  3. Sandy - I haven't tried making any stars using alternating fabrics - might have to give that a try. I think you made a great decision on your little medallion quilt - it's so lovely. I've been so drawn to that style lately - have a couple small ones started.....

  4. Hey Sandy. Love the stars, but far above my patience level! lol And I see why you took off those borders on the medallion. The center is quite beautiful and I think you're right about the outer borders being out of scale. And I think your logic regarding what you were trying to accomplish make sense too. I often find myself asking those same questions. But I think your solution was perfect! cheers,