Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Nothing Christmas-y to show today, but...  at least I finished my baskets! The top, that is. I really really love these fabrics, and am very happy with how the top turned out.

Now I have to figure out how I'm going to quilt it.  The baskets are a bit wonky and I think quilting in the ditch around the baskets would only accentuate the flaws. I'd like something overall, like maybe the Baptist Fan? And maybe a cable or grid in the border? What do you think?

Meanwhile, I hope everyone is enjoying a Happy Christmas with your loved ones, and that Santa was good to each and every one of you!



  1. Hey Sandy, Very cute top! I love all your color and fabric choices AS usual! I think baptist fan might be fun I also like the even simpler pattern of straight lines on the diagonal. Upper right to lower left. I think it works really well with things that are wonky. Happy xmas to you too! cheers, CW

  2. Your quilts and sewing projects are so creative. I want to follow your blog, but I don't see a place. I have been retired for three years and one of my new adventures is learning to quilt. You are an inspiration. Come visit and get in on my give-a-way; I am celebrating my second year of blogging. Also, thanks for showing your glasses cases, I'm going to make one of those . . . they are so cute.
    Hope to hear from you,
    Connie :)