Friday, July 12, 2013

Slow Progress

I had to chuckle at what came in the mail today. Can you read it?

Of course that's easy to explain:  Anke's suitcase was on the wicker trunk below the design wall. This little triangle square decided it wanted to go on an adventure, so it jumped right in! I didn't miss it tho, as there were plenty of extras.

Meanwhile, I started sewing the units together last week, decided to start with the middle - boy is it shrinking! Its lost a full four inches in width, and will probably lose more like six on the length.

I got this Indian print at the flea market Monday night. I thought I might use it for the back. What do you think?

Now its back into "guest room" mode for the weekend, my best friend (or should I say BFF?) is coming to visit!



  1. The top is looking gorgeous, a simple design but the fabrics give it such interest.

    I think that print would look horrible on the back. In fact, don't use it at all and send it straight to me, I'll be glad to get rid of it for you....Do you want my address?

    1. LOL!! Did I mention one end is ripped, and has paint on it because it was used as a drop cloth?

  2. I've been LOVING all the medallion quilts I've seen on blogs lately - this on is so great!