Tuesday, July 30, 2013

hand quilting like a tortoise - I'll get there eventually...

Do any of you hand quilters have trouble with your hands? Its distressing. I'm now plagued with tendon issues in my fingers, which means (among other things) I have to dole out my hand quilting more sparingly these days.

However I'm still moving slowly along on my Civil War Sampler. I'll do one or two blocks a week, only quilting for 30 minutes or so at one time. I'm quilting these pretty sparsely and really, I think that's all they need anyway.

This is one of the setting blocks:

Simple quilting around the flag:

 Remember, I already machine quilted in the ditch between the blocks, so that makes it much easier, and hugely faster!

 Some ditch quilting above, and a little where it shows, 
and a peek of the border

This one, above, needed a little more detail.

Here's Lincoln, also demanding a bit more detail.

Back to sparse. There's a tiny bit of detail in the center, if you have a nice big screen with good resolution, you might see it.

These have been a lot of fun to quilt, as for the exception of the setting blocks, each one is different. I'm about 2/3 or 3/4 (?) of the way through it. My goal is to have it ready to hang at our guild quilt show in Feb.

Other news:  I just discovered I've been pinned! Check out The Quilt Cupboard for some very cool quilts, including a couple of mine!

Meanwhile, I should have a finished top to show in a few days, so stay tuned!



  1. Your hand quilting is wonderful Sandy! Enlarging the photos really shows it well! Love your fabrics... especially the blue prints. You've been pinned! So cool!

  2. Your hand quilting is so beautiful! I'm sorry to read about your tendon problems and I hope you are able to find a balance so you can continue what you love (and are obviously very talented at!).

  3. So glad you can still hand quilt. Your stitching is wonderful, making the blocks really shine.:)

  4. Lovely handwork. I set a timer when I hand quilt. It reminds me to flex my hands and do some exercises...including getting up and moving all of me ;-) Not just my hands...
    Keep on stitching!